All services require appointments, no walk ins.

Eastern Medicine Consultation…90 min./$100 Time of Service Rate

Take 30-40 minutes to share your health concerns in a private setting and learn more about how ancient Eastern Medicine tackles your condition. Followed by a 30-40 minute acupuncture session.

“Less talk, more do”…shorten the consult to 20 minutes and start your treatment! This path is better for those with pain or mild health concerns.

Follow-up appointments… In a Hurry 45 min., Chilled 90 min.

$60 Time of Service Rate (payment is based on face to face time with your practitioner — not resting time)

Private treatments usually include acupuncture along with an additional traditional modality based on your specific needs. Those modalities are included within the cost and may include cupping, moxa, or guasha. All appointments include a brief relaxing scalp or foot acupressure treatment unless contraindicated. Patients can expect to have one on one time with me for 30-40 minutes, and following that you are encouraged to rest with needles in for another 30-40 minutes.  Plan 90 minutes in total for your treatments from check in to check out unless you request an express treatment. Express treatments are not discounted.

Intensive Follow-up appointments… 90 min. of one on one time/$95 

This acupuncture treatment is more intensive than the normal follow-up. This session includes all the usual services of the regular follow up appointment, with one on one time for the full 90 minutes remaining, following checking in and checking out . This allows more time for acupressure, cupping or guasha with the practitioner remaining in the room with you the entire session.


Qigong is a powerful form of energy that predates acupuncture. Qigong is done in the form of exercise similar to yoga, meditation, or healing touch. This service will analyze your condition from a traditional Eastern medicine view, but rather than take the path of needles to move the qi the practitioner will use specific hands on strategies to restore the body to health. Acupressure and energy work are applied making this a great modality for anyone afraid of needles! Session may still include moxa, guasha or cupping depending on the needs of the individual. Sessions are 90 min. in total from check in to check out.

Dress in loose clothing that is not slippery. Wearing watches and jewelry are not advised.

Herbal and Nutritional Consultations…45min/$100 Initial & $60 Follow ups

Discuss your health concerns in a private setting and learn more about how ancient Eastern medicine approaches your individual needs. Between Chinese formulas designed by Dr. Chen, Standard Process, and YoungLiving we are sure to have what your body needs to start healing.


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